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Dew Drop Essentials, LLC is now under the name Mystical Signatures. We are happy to announce that a portion of our Signature Essential Oil Blends will be available for purchase online only.  It may take a few months to have all blends posted so check back. We will be announcing upcoming blends on Facebook and Instagram #mysticalsignatures / #mystical_signatures

There will be some changes coming including going from European Bottles to new Roll-Ons and new signature blends.

We are not interested in just blending nice aromas or following recipes of others. We research the energetic properties of the essential oil and our blends generally do not have one or two but can have multiple essential oils. This allows us to bring the most positive result from the blend for the user.   

Coming Soon!

Each blend is associated with an ET connection. Each blend is handcrafted and is based on a secret blend. Each blend works in the positive energetics of ET beings related to the specific blends. We will not guarantee ET contact but will have a unique experience of your own.







Zeta Reticula


This blend brings a connection to the Crystal Grid. To help in meditation when accessing this sacred information.

Akashic Record Oil


This blend is designed to assist individuals who are working through targeting in their lives. We cannot guarantee it will stop the targeting this is only to assist you when you are going through times of stress.

Targeting Oil

Mercury Retrograde


Mercury Retrograde Essential Oil Blend

(Original product of Dew Drop Essentials, LLC. All Rights Reserved.)

Only 17 Bottles available.

This blend will only be available one month prior to Mercury going into Retrograde.

Sales are limited to United States Orders Only

Standard Shipping USPS

International payments will be refunded through PayPal if made through this website.

New Roll On Bottle Coming Soon!

Spiritual & Magickal Use Only

Benefits: Reduce the negative effects of Mercury in Retrograde.

Aroma: Earthy tones with a bit of spice.

Ingredients: Secret Recipe Essential Oil Blend 

Carrier Oil: Fractionated Coconut

15 ml European Amber Bottle

Shipping and Tax included in the price.

Caution: External Use Only. Do not use if pregnant. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes.

Contact us if you suffer from allergic reactions to specific essential oils.

Mercury Retrograde
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