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Excerpts from Signature of an Abductee

Signature of an Abductee - Guidebook to the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Through the Generations by Mary Muñoz and Hannah Thoresen

Generational experiences; Mary Muñoz (mom) has experienced the abduction phenomena in her life since the age of 3 and Hannah Thoresen (daughter) has experienced the abduction phenomena since conception. Together they have experienced otherworldly encounters including many realms of the paranormal; UFOs, ETs, ghosts, psychic phenomena and more. 

They still encounter and are being abducted daily, weekly, and monthly depending on the period discussing. They show how they have learned to come to terms with this reality using their knowledge of energy.

Chapter 1 - Reality of Signs

"If you do a Google search today, you will find that the abductees themselves have increased the list to 72. Usually most abductees will not experience every sign listed and in fact, could add to the list due to their own personal experiences as with us." 

Chapter 2 Physical Body

"When abduction occurs, many people experience a broad range of conditions that can lead to bruising. In some cases, they experience surgical procedures that leave cuts, punctures holes, bruises, or scoop marks. There is no definitive answer to what happened unless you have complete memory recall from the incident. More than likely it may come back in scattered thoughts down the road but there is always the chance you will never know what happened."

Chapter 3 - Everyday Weirdness

"You may not dream of an extraterrestrial or experience the shadow agency, but many things can indicate you are experiencing something, and that is where everyday weirdness begins. Just like the legends of old: someone saw something, shared it, and it became that legend.

Your desire to understand the weirdness can indicate something more may be at play. We have a friend who fits this category. This person doesn’t remember any abductions, yet they cannot restrain themselves from trying to find a connection."

Chapter 4 - Spiritual

"Most individuals have misinterpreted actual experiences of extraterrestrial contact with ghostly encounters, demons, angels, fairies, gnomes, and so on. Sometimes individuals consider the extraterrestrials are those beings. In some circles, speculation is that Jesus was an extraterrestrial, possibly of the Pleiadean race.

Intelligence is in all forms of life whether we are discussing the mind, body, or spirit. Many times abductees will state that most extraterrestrials are spiritually advanced. They say that they communicate with these races through channeled messages, meditation, the use of crystals, or any other medium that can bring contact."  

Chapter 5 - Emotional Effects

"The psychological effects of abduction can profound, especially for those who are experiencing it regularly. We live in a judgmental and critical society, which can make one's life difficult, especially when one is involved in this phenomenon. Additionally, abduction can leave emotional scars, depending on the type of abduction. Involvement by various other agencies, including shadow agencies can also cause emotional effects."  

Chapter 6 - Dreaming

"Dreams are the realms of reality that are being played out in our resting state. Exactly where our spirit goes in the dream is as much a mystery as the extraterrestrial phenomena. Dreams may not be completely understood. Abductees, however, know that dreams are avenues into what may have occurred during the night: they are windows into our memories that are being hidden by the abductor."

Chapter 7 - Faces of our Experiences

"Throughout this book, we have shared some of the signatures of our abductions. It is only a snapshot of what we have experienced over the years.

This chapter is a deeper insight to the faces of those experiences, some of which we have never shared with others before."

Chapter 8 - The Conclusion

What an amazing Universe we live in!

“Generations have experienced the realm of possibilities while others have slumbered through life unaware. Bound by limitations, those who are sleeping forget their true nature and the power they hold. We must now awaken the sleeper, open the doorways, and illuminate the unfolding the paths that will unfold. Highlighting the truth of our Universe and the knowledge, we know we are not alone.”

©Mary Muñoz and Hannah Thoresen

Product Details

Paperback: 226 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (March 16, 2017)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1542508347

ISBN-13: 978-1542508346

Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 0.5 x 9.2 inches

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