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Have you ever wondered if you are experiencing the Extraterrestrial realm then check out "Signature of an Abductee a Guidebook to the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Through the Generations." In it, you will find a pattern to our experiences.

If you do experience the otherworldly realm and would like to record those experiences in one place then check out, "Contactee Journal".  This journal gives you 200 pages to log your events in with a total of 100 entries or experiences. This journal encompasses anything to do with ETs, UFOs, and the paranormal. 

For those of you who do pendulum work and are interested in keeping up with your progress then you must check out, "Personal Journal for Intuitive Pendulum Practices." This journal gives you 210 pages to log your intuitive work in with a total of 105 entries. 


Coaching in the Paranormal

Our coaching model allows you to venture into the otherworldly realm and consider the possibilities behind the experiences you are having; UFO, ET, ghosts, and much more.

Tarot and Oracle Readings

If you are interested in a reading from either Hannah or Mary click here for more information.

Oracle Decks

Do you like to read with Oracles and are you interested in Extraterrestrials then check out Crystal Contact Oracle which will take you through the various ET races that have been experienced by the designers, crystals that will invite them in, and writing that is out of this world! At this time unavailable for purchase. 

New Cards are completed...coming soon!